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Compare of shielding effectiveness for building materials DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.33

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With the exponential growth of wireless technologies nowadays, there is an increase in the presence and use of number of mobile communications, excessive installation of mobile phone antenna masts, and broadcasting radio and TV transmitters, and even satellite systems. The mobile phone shielding device was primarily used in some special department (e.g. the army or the security). However, in recent years, the mobile phone shielding device has been widely used in the meeting room, examination room, library, cinema, hospital, court and church. Radio frequency used in mobile communication has the ability to penetrate through semi-solid substances like meat and living tissue. The researchers conducted shows that the electromagnetic wave produce by the mobile phone might cause adverse effect to human especially at place near the ear region. Table I below illustrates some typical artificial sources of electromagnetic fields with frequency and intensity. Natural sources like the magnetic field of the earth are not included [1, 2, 3]. The effects of electromagnetic field on organism have been the issue concerned by environmental, electrical, biological, medical and related subjects. From the perspective of the dielectric properties of organisms, the pulsed electromagnetic field may cause a stronger influence on organism. So since the last century, the academic and clinical medicine have shown an interest in biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on organism, with the deepening of the research, many valuable results have been acquired: researches not only have established the model of cell membrane potential, but also have found the theoretical basis for the clinical application of magnetic field to treat cancer [2, 3, 4, 15, 16]. Everyone is affected by electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency radiation from all appliances, cell phones, wifi devices, cordless phones, computers, laptops, and television waves. Ele[...]

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