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Power flow control and management of a Hybrid Power System DOI:10.15199/48.2019.01.46

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Renewable energy application like the solar cell, wind turbine..., has expanded in the last decade especially in isolated areas like Sahara in Algeria where there is a great solar resource and a modest wind potential. The prime renewable sources disadvantages are uncontrollable and unpredictable in nature. Thus it is difficult to generate require quantity of power to fulfill load demand and also the generated power contain frequency/voltage variations. Hybrids renewable energy system utilizes two or more energy sources [1-4], usually solar along with wind sources because its abundance in nature and both can complement each other [5]. The subsystems are connected into a DC bus to ensure adaptability of the energy; this method doesn’t require synchronization [6-15]. However, adding battery banks is necessary to satisfy a peak or temporary period load demands. Battery based energy storage system is widely used in standalone system because of its mature technology, high efficiency, quick response, low cost and improve the power-supply stability, quality and reliability [5, 12, 13, 15]. Both the energy systems are used to charge a battery using bi-directional converter. In this article, modelling, controls of hybrid system are developed. The main control methods proposed are to track the maximum power from the wind/solar energy source to achieve much higher generating capacity factors then to manage the power flow from these sources. A simple LC filter is applied to eliminate the undesirable high frequency harmonics. The proposed standalone PV-wind-battery hybrid system model in this paper has been modeled, designed, and simulated using Matlab, results are presented to verify it performance under various weather circumstances. The general configuration of the system This configuration is fit for stand-alone hybrid power system. Wind and solar energy are converted into electricity and then sent to loads or stored in batte[...]

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