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The incentive scheme for maintaining or improving power supply quality DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.20

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Modern power systems must supply consumers with the high-quality power with the certain continuity level (that means the term «reliability of power system's work»). There are various aspects of realization of this process (objective and subjective aspects; material, technical, organizational aspects and others). All of them must be analyzed by staff of power distribution companies for improvement of service quality and ways of power supply process perfection must be defined. Employees should use precise and clear algorithm of actions for success of the task performance. They must understand consequences and an ultimate goal. An incentive scheme must be in the power distribution companies for conscientious work of employees. The implantation of an incentive scheme for maintaining or improving general continuity levels was one of recommendations the Council of European Electricity Regulators (CEER) that were submitted in 5-th benchmarking report [1] in 2011 year. The regulation of the service quality in European countries is considered in 6-th CEER benchmarking report on the quality of electricity and gas supply [2]. The systems of regulation are created on the basis of: Continuity measurement is a prerequisite for setting standards and reward/penalty regimes; Maintenance and improvement of general continuity levels as a result of the investment decisions of network operators with implementing reward/penalty for the achieved quality levels; Minimum standards for quality levels will guarantee that consumer will be compensated if the standard is not met by the network operator. The review of use of incentives systems for the distributive companies in the European countries on the basis of key reliability metrics is considered in [2]. Key reliability metrics are indicated in IEEE Std. 1366-1998 Trial-Use Guide for Electric Power Distribution Reliability Indices [3]. These must definitely be interpreted and used as re[...]

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