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New Data on the Epstein to Single Sheet Tester Relationship

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Fifteen years ago, the Epstein frame to the independent Single Sheet Tester (SST92) relation was determined using a large number of correlated grain-oriented samples [1], and the results are reflected in Annex C of IEC standard 60404-3 [2]. Whilst those results were achieved using the same equipment of one reference laboratory, the new data originate from measurements on sample pairs from different manufactures using their own measuring equipment. The resulting Epstein to SST92 ratios show slightly higher values than the old ones, and a considerable dispersion. The reasons for these phenomena are discussed and further experiments for their clarification proposed. Streszczenie. Pi.tna.cie lat temu zaprezentowano porownanie wynikow bada. ro.nych probek blach elektrotechnicznych wykonanych metoda Epsteina i przy wykorzystaniu testera probek arkuszowych SST92. Wyniki pochodzi.y z badania probek w tym samym laboratorium. Nowe wyniki zaprezentowane w pracy przedstawiaj. badania ro.nych probek w ro.nych laboratoriach. Otrzymano nieco wi.kszy rozrzut zmierzonych warto.ci. W artykule analizuje si. przyczyny tych ro.nic. (Nowe badania relacji mi.dzy wynikami pomiarow metod. Epsteina a metod. testera probek arkuszowych SST) Keywords: Electrical sheet steel, measurement of properties,, Epstein to Single Sheet Tester method relation S.owa kluczowe: blachy elektrotechniczne, rama Epsteina, tester probek arkuszowych SST 1. Introduction Since about 60 years, the Epstein method [3] has been the only reference method worldwide for the determination of the magnetic properties of electrical sheet steel. As far as the application to grain-oriented steels is concerned, the Epstein method is considered more and more reserved. There are three reasons for this: The systematic error (see also [4]), the tedious sample preparation (cutting and annealing) and the restricted applicability with domain refin[...]

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