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Review of Anti-Windup strategies for PI speed controllers in Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

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The work presented in this paper addresses the unwanted windup phenomenon reviewing and comparing different PI anti-windup strategies employed in speed control of electric drives. The tuning process of PI controllers is usually carried out considering the system as linear and therefore disregarding its physical limits such as maximum current and voltage. To safeguard the system’s integrity, the PI output is normally limited eventually causing the windup phenomenon characterized by long periods of overshoots which may even result in instability. Firstly, this paper models and tunes the current and speed PI controllers with the root locus method for Field Oriented Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines. Secondly, it is shown the mentioned unwanted Windup phenomenon in [...]

Angle estimation for permanent magnet synchronous machines using matrix converters

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This paper deals with the rotor angle estimation of Permanent Magnet AC Machines using test voltage vectors. In concrete, due to the machine saliency (difference between Ld and Lq) and the application of pulse voltage test vectors is possible to estimate the Permanent Magnet position for further low and zero speed Sensorless Control. The novelty of this paper is the fact that a Matrix Converter [...]

Methods for fast detection of voltage sags as a crucial prerequisite for reliable operation of dynamic voltage restorer

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Custom Power Devices like the Dynamic Voltage Restorer have been applied for voltage dip mitigation in the last years. These electronic equipments need fast and reliable voltage dip detection algorithms. Such detection methodologies must be able to detect a voltage dip as fast as possible and be immune to other types of perturbations. In this paper we address the problem of voltage dip estimation by different signal processing methods such as Fourier based algorithm and Wavelet processing. Streszczenie. W ostatnich latach odnotowano wzrost zainteresowania układami zapobiegającymi zapadom napięcia po stronie odbiorcy. Szybkie i pewne wyznaczenie początku zapadu jest kluczowym zagadnieniem dla energoelektronicznych urządzeń tego typu. Zapad powinien być wykryty możliwie szybko, jednocz[...]

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