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Superconducting niobium layers reached by using vacuum arc technique in INFN-Roma Tor Vergata

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Future particle accelerators for neutron spallation sources, tera-electron-volt accelerators (TESLA) and free electron lasers (FEL) will be based on superconducting RF structures which are now typically manufactured from solid niobium due to its pretty high critical temperature (Tc = 9.25K), high thermodynamic critical field (Hth = (1.6-105 A/m)2) and acceptable mechanical properties. Nevertheless, at high RF field, material defects cause local heating due to energy dissipation which often leads to thermal instabilities and make the resonating cavity quench. The first solution of this problem was proposed in CERN in the late 1980-ties which included magnetron sputtering niobium deposition on the inner surfaces of copper cavities [1]. The copper structure can absorb heat much m[...]

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