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Analysis of Distributorless Ignition Systems

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Ignition systems even in its simplest form represent electrical system which produces voltage waveforms in a form of pulses in complex shape. For the diagnosis of these systems is necessary to use such diagnostic systems, which allow to record these waveforms for next analysis. In the presented contribution we deal with possibilities of analysis and investigation of waveforms, primary and secondary circuit fully electronic ignition systems. Streszczenie. W artykule zaprezentowano system diagnostyczny do badania przebiegów napięciowych w układzie zapłonowym. (Analiza systemu zapłonowego bez rozrządu mechanicznego) Keywords: EFS ignition systems, diagnostics, LabVIEW system, high-voltage waveforms. Słowa kluczowe: system zapłonowy, diagnostyka. Introduction Distributorless ignition system (DIS) is ignition system which distributes high voltage to each spark plug without using mechanic distributor. High voltage shall be achieved to create a spark at the spark plug igniting the mixture through a high-voltage coil (transformer). High-voltage outlets in distributorless ignition system are directly applied to plugs, thus increasing the number of ignition coils. An immediate flash-over in the cylinders is necessary to determine by a separate switch controlling of transformer primary circuits. In practice are used two solutions which differ in the number of ignition coils. Basic characteristics of the EFS ignition system In EFS ignition system (or COP - Coil on Plug) are used coils which are creating only one spark for one spark plug at any given moment, thus that the number of ignition coils is corresponding with the number of engine cylinders Fig.1. Fig.1. Simplified scheme of the ignition EFS The engine operating parameter signals input into the control unit. EFS is not sufficient just with crank speed signals because each ignition coil receives one control pulse for two turns of crank but from the signal reference mark the control [...]

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