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Analogue part of multichannel highly productive analog-digital system on converters and switches of current DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.20

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Analog-to-digital systems (ADS) are used to solve a wide class of problems in the measurement, signal recording and processing technique. Depending on the application area, they are subject to various requirements for accuracy, speed and productivity. For example, in measuring systems, a high absolute accuracy of the analog-to-digital conversion is sometimes required, and in the registration systems, a low linearity error is sufficient. Similarly, the primary analog signal in many sensors is converted to digital output signal using electronic circuits for signal processing and conditioning, incorporated into the sensor (i.e. the temperature and humidity sensors [1]) Regarding the same requirements for speed, they are determined by the spectra of the input analog signals and the possibility of their reproduction with minimal losses. In a number of cases, it is advisable to use such a complex characteristic as productivity. The basic unit of these systems is an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Currently, there are basically three types of ADCs [2]: sigma-delta, pipelined and successive approximation. It should be noted that the first have high resolution, but their speed is relatively small [3, 4]. The highest speed is characterized by pipelined converters, but they have a sufficiently high power consumption and circuit complexity. Successive approximation ADCs have a significant productivity range and it can be further increased by introducing, for example, a weight redundancy [5, 6]. Relevance Quantitatively, the performance of the ADC can be estimated by analogy with digital computing devices [7], as the product of the display range (the length of the bit grid) by the frequency of the operations performed. For the ADC (part of the ADS), this will correspondingly be the product of the resolution of the analog-to-digital conversion (the number of conversion quanta) to the maximum frequency of execution of the conversions[...]

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