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Study of the dynamic stability of the belt conveyor adaptive drive DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.17

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Goods flows, arriving on the belts of the conveyors of various technological applications are characterized by considerable irregularity both regarding the amplitude of loading and goods supply intervals. Irregularity ratio of goods flows can vary within the range of Кn=1,97...2,02 [1]. For this reason the utilization factor of the conveyors, for instance, at mining enterprises, is on average, 50...70% by power and 60...70% by operation duration. The drives of agricultural mobile machines accept loads, the intensity of which differs greatly at different phases of the technological cycle [1]. Transverse conveyors and conveyor unloader of root-cutting machine in the process of the motor transport change, operating with the harvester, stop and beets are accumulated in the tank of the harvester. After the restarting of the conveyors drives the technological loading on the conveyors increases 2,5...3 times as compared with the nominal loading. Similar operation modes are typical for the receiving conveyor of clamp former in the process of root crops unloading into the hopper from the motor transport. In this case, the failure of drive’s elements in electro mechanic drive of the conveyor, and in hydraulic drive [2] - emergency outage as a result of safety valve operation and the shutdown of the hydraulic motor is possible. For further resumption of the conveyor operation the load at its working unit is manually decreased and the restarting of the drive is performed. Such operation modes of the conveyor cause unjustified electric energy consumption, wear of the belt, idlers, increase of the idle run of the belt, downtime of the equipment. That is why, numerous studies [3-5] are aimed at the provision of the coordination of the operation parameters of belt conveyors drive with variable modes of goods flows. One of the directions of the research is the study of drives operation with the regulators of belt motion speed a[...]

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