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Methodology of the direct measurement of the switching latency

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The article provides a measurement methodology based on the related RFCs. It brings a solution of determining the switching latency on the physical layer using common measuring devices. As a proof of concept were done a number of the experimental measurements, including analysis of the results. Switching latency is an important performance parameter which participates in the decision-making whether to deploy the switch to low-latency environments. This is especially important in industrial networks for real-time systems involving smart grids. Determine the value of the switching latency is also an important step in the eventual deployment of the OpenFlow technology on this field. Streszczenie. Zaprezentowano metodę badania opóźnień w przełączaniu (switching latency) bazująca na RFC. Parametr ten jest bardzo ważny w sieciach przemysłowych łącznie z sieciami typu smart grid. (Metoda bezpośredniego pomiaru opóźnień przełączania w sieciach komputerowych) Keywords: switching latency, measurement methodology, OpenFlow, industrial networks, low-latency, Smart Grids. Słowa kluczowe: opóźienie przełączania, sieci komputerowe. Introduction Massive global usage of Ethernet as a transmission technology in local area networks has led to its use in other specialized sectors and exacting environments. These lowlatency environments lay great demands on the transmission time of critical messages interchanged between real-time systems. Critical fields of application are Ethernet networks in substation automation (SA). The standard IEC 61850 deals with these types of industrial networks. It defines that a network as a whole has to ensure the transmission delay less than 3 ms for GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) type messages. GOOSE messages contain information about incidents, as described in the IEC 61850-8-1 [1] or can carry sampled values from the IEC 61850-9-2 [2]. General requirements for the transmission delay of different traff[...]

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