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Method of design calculation of a hydropulse device for strain hardening of materials DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.12

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Strengthening of details by superficial plastic deformation, In particular, vibration damping treatment is devoted to quite a large number of works, however, in most cases, these works are devoted to processing technologies or investigation of the received surface layer [ ], and there are no work on the development of methods for design calculations of devices for deformation strengthening of materials practical [1-4]. Therefore, the development of a method for design calculation of the original design hydropulse device [5,6] is an actual scientific and engineering task. Method of design calculation of a hydropulse device for deformation strengthening of materials It is based on the results of theoretical experiments on hydropulse drives and devices of various technical and technological purposes [1 - 3]. During the design calculations of the hydropulse drives and devices on their basis, the content and composition of the basic initial data is determined, in the first place, the purpose of the drive or the device, the required range of adjustment of operating parameters of the executive, such as, for example, the frequency of passage of pressure pulses generated by the pulse pressure generator (PPG) actuator or device, and the amplitude of the vibration of the actuator, the "opening" pressure of the PPG and the maximum inertial mass of the actuator of the actuator or device. The described general initial data required for the design calculation of the hydropulse devices (or drives) for strainreinforcing materials may be supplemented by additional data for specific circuitry and design features of the device. Materials and research results The method of a specific design calculation of a hydropulse device for strain hardening of materials will be considered for a device whose structural and calculation scheme is shown in Figure 1 [7]. The peculiarity of this device is that its power, elastic and distributive links are co[...]

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