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Microelectronic Transducer of Gas Concentration based on MOSFET with an Active Inductive Element DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.45

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Transducers of gas concentration are widely used in the chemical and oil and gas industry for measuring of noxious gases concentration in the production and in the systems intended for environmental monitoring. The accuracy of the determination with control over time of the gas composition in the production and technological processes provides the appropriate quality of the executed work as well as ensures safety of working environment. The optical methods are considered as the most universal and simple methods for determination of gas concentration. The most perspective optical method is the absorption spectroscopy which has a low threshold of sensitivity (<1 μg/m3) and high selectivity. In the case of small concentrations of controlled substances, the sensitivity can be enhanced by increase in the thickness of the layer in which absorption occurs. Moreover, the advantages of this method include the multipurpose usefulness, high speed of measurements and simplicity of the implementation in the automated systems. The absorption spectroscopy method, based on the phenomenon of selective absorption of radiation by gases, is the basis of many devices. The selective absorption is explained by the fact that the radiation frequency is resonant for molecules of a certain gas. When light is absorbed, the atoms and molecules of substances pass into a new excited state. The basic gases which concentrations can be determined by the optical method with the optimal wavelengths to occur of absorption in the different areas of the infrared range are presented in [1]. Nowadays, there is a plenty of gas analyzers for a wide variety of gases. The parameters of gas analyzers with operation based on selective absorption of infrared (IR) band radiation by gases from a hydrocarbon group with a wavelength of 2 ÷ 5 μm are given in the papers [2-6]. The parameters of gas analyzers operating on the base of selective absorption of infrared[...]

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