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The enhanced method of a spectrum’s window estimation DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.27

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Constunt increasing computer technologies' and the systems' implementation takes place in the geometrical progression's order, and the key feature of the computer's system development is the creation of the highly efficient and highly reliable methods of a data transmitting and receiving. Among all computer's networks the important place take the networks, that can provide the good work's results in the environment, that has a high level of the noises. Those are the industrial and the radio networks. In the industry the authenticity of the transmitted information is more important, than the speed of transmitting and very often there is the necessity to provide information transmitting in any conditions of the environment. In the Wi-Fi networks, when the error probability is 0.1, the loss of the transmitted information is 40%, and when the level of the noises is higher, the transmitting is impossible at all [1]. According to the radio networks standards [2], especially the Wi-Fi, WiMAX networks, the level of signal/noise should be more than 57 Db. In the networks on the base of the CAN С 2.0 technology, when the error counter reaches 256 in case of the concrete node, the shift Bus Off takes place, and in this work state the information transmitting is provided by the simplex mode of work [3]. There are many methods of data analything, but the traditional methods are not always be efficient in the case of the high level of transmitting noises, so the need of improvement of the current methods is always important [1,2,3]. One of such methods is the method of window spectrum estimation, which uses the mean estimation of the log spectrum of a signal. The main misfit of this method is decreasing of his implementation efficiency in the high noises environment. So, it is proposed to use the multiwindow mean estimation of the signal's log spectrum in order to get more precise estimatio[...]

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