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Analysis of Electromagnetic Conditions Around the Conductor Clamp of a Covered Conductor DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.08

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Electric insulators are almost indispensable parts of each electric power network. Development of materials constantly brings new insulators with better insulation and mechanical properties. In the recent years, covered conductors that have many advantages and contribute to increased security of network operation often replace bare conductors. Covered conductors also have some disadvantages, such as inefficient performance of protection systems, difficult location of faults [1], insulation damage due to corona [2], [3], danger for people in the case of a fall of conductor to the ground, if the conductor remains energized, etc. The most frequent problems with covered conductors appear at the points of fixing the conductor to insulator [4], [5]. The reasons of these problems are usually inadequate combinations of properties of materials that compose conductor clamps. In most cases, they are composed of several materials with different dielectric constants with some metal parts between them. Inadequate geometrical forms of components of conductor clamps additionally worsen the situation. The paper presents the results of analyses of electromagnetic conditions in a »D-type« pin insulator, model »VS SER-b/20«, with metal conductor clamp and the use of covered conductor [6], [7]. The numerical computations of conditions inside the insulator and its surroundings were performed using Opera Vector Fields 3D program tool [9]. Computations of electrostatic and timeharmonic electromagnetic field were performed for different materials of components of conductor clamps having the same shape [8]. The influence of various materials is evident from the differences in electric field distribution in and around the insulator and eddy currents in the nearby metal parts. An accurate analysis of electric field calculation results also enabled identification of conditions that lead to damaging of conductor clamps and conducto[...]

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