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Reactions at a Solid / Liquid Interface during Formation of the Intermetallic Multi-layer

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A reactive diffusion is postulated to be observed during formation of the intermetallic multi-layer on a given substrate. Particularly, back-diffusion is envisaged according to a model for the solute redistribution. Finally, formation of the intermetallic multi-layer results from peritectic reactions as assumed in the model. Thus, formation of the Al3Ni2 - Al3Ni intermetallic multi-layer on t[...]

Oscillatory mode of the interlamellar spacing selection within the irregular eutectic structure

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Among all interlamellar spacings visible within the irregular Al-Si eutectic morphology two characteristic distances have been distinguished. The first distance is named as i λ and is the smallest spacing which can be revealed within a morphology. The second distance is the largest spacing named iS λ and is the largest spacing revealed. It has been assumed that both mentioned dista[...]

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