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Development of simplified evaluation method of iron losses in actual stator cores of rotating machines

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This paper deals with a simplified iron loss evaluation method for actual stator cores of rotating machines. It is well known that the magnetic properties deteriorate in constructed cores due to conditions stressed by riveting and welding in manufacturing process and punching and shearing in cutting process of the silicon steel sheets and so forth. As a result, the iron losses increase in compar[...]

A study on measurement methods of the magnetic properties of magnetic sheet and strip by means of a single sheet tester at audio frequency

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This paper presents a study on measurement methods of magnetic properties of magnetic steel sheet and strip by means of single sheet tester (SST) at audio frequencies (400Hz-10kHz). In this study, a SST for the high frequency measurement was investigated experimentally. The exciting coil to realize the nearly uniform flux density distribution in the longitudinal direction of a specimen was mainl[...]

Magnetic measurements of electrical steel sheet by using digital sampling method

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Today, digital sampling method has been widely used for magnetic measurement. In this paper, the results of the round robin test (RRT) on magnetic properties of electrical steel done at five laboratories in Japan by using digital sampling method have been discussed. Streszczenie. Obecnie cyfrowe metody próbkowania są szeroko stosowane do pomiarów magnetycznych. W niniejszym artykule porównano wyniki pomiarów własności magnetycznych blachy elektrotechnicznej na tych samych próbkach w pięciu laboratoriach w Japonii przy użyciu cyfrowych metod pomiarowych.(Pomiary magnetyczne blach elektrotechnicznych przy użyciu cyfrowych metod próbkowania). Keywords: digital sampling method, magnetic measurement, electrical steel sheet, round robin test Słowa kluczowe: próbkowanie cyfrowe, blachy elek[...]

Healing of orthopaedic diseases by means of electromagnetic field

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The paper deals with the problems connected with the electromagnetic therapy used in orthopaedic diseases. The electromagnetic background of the treatment is briefly discussed as well as the particular techniques are grouped. The effectiveness of the techniques is quoted and the method of magnetotherapy is showed as the most useful technique. As eddy currents play the main role in magnetotherapy they are numerically simulated for two arrangements. The discussion on the technical parameters of the therapy as well as on the hazardous aspect is carried out. Streszczenie. W artykule omówiono problemy związane z wykorzystaniem pola elektromagnetycznego w leczeniu chorób ortopedycznych. Opisane zostały techniki terapeutyczne, wykorzystujące pole elektromagnetyczne. Wśród dostępnych metod magnetoterapia okazała się techniką najbardziej przydatną. Ze względu na fakt, iż prądy wirowe odgrywają główną rolę w magnetoterapii, przedstawiono ich symulację komputerową dla dwóch przypadków terapii. Przedyskutowano również techniczne parametry terapii oraz aspekty bezpieczeństwa terapii (Leczenie chorób ortopedycznych za pomocą pola elektromagnetycznego). Keywords: magnetotherapy, eddy currents, computer simulation Słowa kluczowe: magnetoterapia, prądy wirowe, symulacja komputerowa Introduction Nowadays one of the main diseases is the one of movement organs especially that connected with legs and knee joints, like arthritis or pseudo-arthritis. According to American statistics about 15% of Americans suffer from orthopedic diseases and every year more than 7 million need to be hospitalized because of orthopedic dysfunctions [1]. There are many conventional methods of treatment in such cases, but for the last 20-25 years the methods which used electromagnetic field are [...]

Magnetic properties of powder magnetic core under the stress

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The paper deals with deterioration of magnetic material properties by the stress, and thus changes of magnetic properties of powder magnetic cores under the stress were measured and analyzed. Result of a measurement, under the stress applied to the same direction as magnetic field, magnetic field strength increases linear and the increasing rate of core loss decreases as frequency becomes high. [...]

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