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Quantum Simulation of the Pauli Particle

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In this paper we examine whether a quantum computer can efficiently simulate Pauli particle in external magnetic field. We consider Gaussian wave packet in two cases: in uniform magnetic field and in magnetic field with rectangular amplitude. We compare the results obtained from quantum algorithm with the results of classical simulations. Introduction In the near future, quantum calculations can make a major contribution to the development of informatics [1]. Although practical implementations of quantum computer have not been built yet, its existence seems to be possible. Therefore, it is worth examining the properties of such machines. Today we know Shor [2] and Grower [3] algorithms which are faster than their best classical counterparts. Another promising application of quantum computer are quantum simulations, i.e. the computer modelling of behaviour of physical quantum systems. As is well known, simulations of quantum systems performed using conventional computers are not very effective. This means that for classical computer the memory resources and time required to simulate grow exponentially with size of quantum system. In the case of a quantum computer, the situation is different. The relationship between the size [...]

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