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Switch and stay combining diversity receiver in microcellular mobile radio system

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In this paper, the performance of switch and stay combining (SSC) receiver operating over correlated Rician fading channels in the presence of multiple Nakagami-m cochannel interferences (CCIs) is studied. This investigation is important since such environment seems to be the most realistic in microcellular radio communications systems. Analytical expressions for the probability density function (PDF) and cumulative distribution function (CDF) of SSC output signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) are derived and used to study important system performance measures. Abstract. W artykule analizowano właściwości odbiornika “switch and stay combining - SSC) pracującego w skorelowanych kanałach Rician w obecności interferencji kanałów Nakagami-m. Ta analiza jest ważna, ponieważ podobne okoliczności mogą wystąpić w większości mikrokomórkowych systemów komunikacyjnych. Podano analityczną zależność krzywej gęstości prawdopodobieństwa oraz dystrybuantę stosunku sygnału wyjściowego do interferencji. (Odbiornik typu "switch and stay" w mikrokomórkowych mobilnych systemach komunikacyjnych) Keywords: switch and stay combining, correlated Rician fading channels, cochannel interferences. Słowa kluczowe: mikrokomórkowe systemy komunikacyjne, inteferencje. Introduction In cellular mobile radio systems, the main causes for the performance degradation are fading due to multipath propagation and cochannel interference (CCI) due to frequency reuse [1]. Space diversity techniques [2], which combine input signals from multiple receive antennas, are the well known techniques that can be used to alleviate the effects of these degradations. Diversity improvement is achieved without increasing transmission power and bandwidth but at the expense of increased system complexity and moderate increase in receive power consumption. The most popular space diversity techniques are maximal-ratio combining (MRC), equal-gain combining (EGC) and selection combining (SC) [[...]

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