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Experimental research of turbo-codes application in telemedicine systems with wireless body area sensor networks DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.30

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The evolution of science and technics has allowed to create a promising application of wireless sensor networks, that is called wireless body area sensor networks (WBAN). It has a huge potential for the revolutionary transformation of medical technologies [1-3]. WBAN can be used to provide assistance to automatic medical treatment, automatic dosing, and vital signal monitoring. Fig. 1 shows an intuitive view of automatic medical treatment process (closed loop control) [2]. At the first step various vital data are collected using different sensors attached to a person. These data are sent to the command unit. At the second step the command unit decides the corresponding treatment method or correct dosing based on the received vital parameters. After this the command unit sends a command to the action unit. At the third step the action unit applies the treatment or dosing to objectives. When the treatment or dosing is finished, sensors will collect updated vital data and the process enters another circulation. WBAN can provide a healthcare service in a more comfortable, convenient and economical way, than other conventional methods. WBAN provide the ability to broadcast multiple vital parameters in “online" mode, that provides an indispensable aid for people, who suffer from chronic diseases and acute attacks, allowing to react to the worsening of the disease. This is a key technology of “online" (contrast to the Holter "offline" monitoring) prevention of cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction or other abnormal conditions). The tumors diagnostics without biopsy may be done on the basis of the work of many miniature sensors, that can detect cancer cells. WBAN can help people with asthma by the way of monitoring airborne allergens and providing medics some "alert signals“ in real time mode. Also this technology can be integrated into the telemedicine system, that provides unobtrusive ambulatory monito[...]

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