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Influence of Chemical and Mineralogical Composition of Steelmaking Slags on their Next Utilization DOI:10.15199/24.2018.11.4

  Introduction. In the technological process of the metal􀀐 lurgical plant, secondary products are produced in parallel with the production of the main product. Metallurgical slag accounts for approximately 80% of all by-products arising from the production of pig iron and steel. The amount of produced slag is primarily dependent on the type of technol􀀐 ogy, the ratio of scrap to pig iron in the batch, the grades of the steel being produced, the initial chemical composition of the pig iron and the amount of slag additives added. This group of waste does not pose a major risk to the environ􀀐 ment for its chemical composition but is particularly prob􀀐 lematic due to its large volume. Under the laws applicable to waste management, the waste producer is required to en􀀐 sure their disposal without negative environmental impacts [1-3]. The issue of the origin, development, processing and utilization of blast-furnace slags is currently relatively well mapped, but steelmaking slag has not yet been given suf􀀐 ficient attention. Therefore this paper focuses thoroughly on the descrip􀀐 tion chemical and mineralogical composition of steelmak􀀐 ing slags and influence on their next utilization. Special at􀀐 tention is paid to the parts, to which the authors of the paper have devoted their research and development activities dur􀀐 ing the last years at the Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling, Technical University of Kosice, Institute of Metallurgy. The paper focuses exclusively on primary steel􀀐 making slags (further just steelmaking slag) arising from the steelmaking process in the oxygen converter and the electric arc furnace because of their prevalence and rela􀀐 tively stable chemical composition, which makes them suit􀀐 able for effective utilization. Steelmaking slag. The steelmaking slag itself is formed by the oxi[...]

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