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Fatigue contact durability of laser textured rolling bearings DOI:10.15199/28.2017.6.4

  1. INTRODUCTION Roller bearings are successfully used to change the sliding friction to the rolling friction in combinations of machine elements mobile nodes. The bearings are widely used in the various elements of machinery and equipment from domestic appliances, through machine industry and finally heavy industry. According to this statement monitoring process of the state rotating bearing elements is a very important matter. Negligence in diagnostics, maintenance and replacement after a course or during work time can lead to extend downtime of machinery and equipment. 2. DURABILITY, WEAR AND FATIGUE OF ROLLING BEARING Durability of rolling bearings is strongly dependent on the operating conditions such as character of the load, rotation speed, temperature, work conditions and environment (humidity, dustiness and the corrosion aggressiveness of environment). Based on parameters above, we might calculate the fatigue life of the bearing which forecasting is quite necessary. Manufacturers of the bearings in their catalogues publish approximate times of proper operation of bearings. Technical condition of bearing monitored by service life used vibroacoustic methods, depending on strategy users and services. Replacement of the bearing occurs after finding its bad technical condition. The second strategy used is responsible device nodes exchange the bearing after the end of its service life provided by the producer. This strategy is commonly used. To increase of reliability and fatigue life of bearings developmental studies are realized by the Authors. Noises generated during normal operation, vibration and higher temperature of the outer bearing race it basic analysed work parameters of bearings. The main assessment of bearing fatigue is visual and vibroacoustic assessment of the raceway and rolling elements. Based on this, we can conclude what is the main effect of bearing damage. This is conducive to prevent other bearings da[...]

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