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Magnetic leakage flux replication in power transformer rooms for biological experiments

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In this paper it is presented a software optimization and simulation tool for the replication of the ELF Magnetic field outside the transformer cells of a common Power Transformer Room. The magnetic leakage flux density is to be replicated in a plane inside a cube box made of insulator material with 6 Coils, each to be placed on the facets. The coils are designed using a genetic algorithm that calculates the radius, number of turns, current and centre and are allowed to have different geometric configurations and electrical state. Streszczenie. Artykuł przedstawia oprogramowanie i narzędzie do symulacji dla replikacji pola magnetycznego ELF, występującego na zewnątrz celki transformatorowej w stacji transformatorowej. Strumień magnetyczny rozproszenia ma być replikowany wewnątrz sześciennej kostki wykonanej z izolacyjnego materiału z sześcioma cewkami na ścianach. Cewki zostały zaprojektowane poprzez użycie algorytmu genetycznego, który oblicza promień, liczbę zwojów i położenie oraz dopuszcza różne konfiguracje geometryczne i stany elektryczne. (Replikacja magnetycznego strumienia rozproszenia w stacji transformatorowej dla eksperymentów biologicznych) Keywords: Magnetic leakage Flux, Power Transformer Rooms, Exposure Systems, Biological Applications. Słowa kluczowe: magnetyczny strumień rozproszenia, stacja transformatorowa, system ekspozycji, zastosowania biologiczne Introduction Power Transformer Rooms (PTRs) are very common in our daily life, as power suppliers of many Public and Residential Buildings. The electromagnetic fields emanating from these PTRs fall in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range, where the sources are mainly the power transformer, the cabling systems and electrical switching boards. It is extremely difficult to calculate and predict the electromagnetic field due to these very complicated 3D structures, that may be required for several applications and developments, like for example for exposure systems, to [...]

LMAT.EMF-ELF_WEBMONIT: Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Monitoring System

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Exposure to Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields is a matter of great concern, and is the subject of on-going research and a significant amount of public debate. To better study and inform the general public interested in this topic, it is necessary to measure the ELF electromagnetic fields. The LMAT.EMF-ELF_WEBMONIT system was developed to take measurements of electric and magnetic fields ELF at any location, and provide these readings through charts on a website. Streszczenie. W artykule zaprezentowano nowy system pomiarowy do monitorowania pola elektromagnetycznego bardzo małej częstotliwości. Proponowany system LMAQT.EMF-ELF_WEBMONIT umożliwia pomioar pola elektromagnetycznego w dowolnej lokalizacji i odczyt za pośrednictwem Internetu. (LMAQT.EMF-ELF_WEBMONIT: system monitoringu pola elektromagnetycznego małej częstotliwości) Keywords: ELF Electromagnetic Fields, Web-Monitoring, Measurements. Słowa kluczowe: pole elektromagnetyczne, monitoring.. 1. Introduction The progress of our society and way of living led to the growth of energy consumption, which in turn required increased capacity production and distribution. Associated with this, the exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and consequent need of monitoring, is nowadays an actual and critical issue. Exposure to electromagnetic fields of low frequency (ELF) is a matter of great concern [1,2] in recent year’s studies, in order to find out if they have harmful influences for human health. The monitoring of these fields and the risk communication to the general public and other institutions becomes then a very important issue [3]. The LMAT.EMF-ELF_WEBMONIT system was developed to allow the measurement of electric and magnetic fields ELF at any location, and to provide these readings through charts on a website in real time. The system, to be installed at the site of interest, monitors the electromagnetic fields, and the collected information is sent[...]

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