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Influence of AC Electric Traction on Harmonic Distortion in 110 kV Supply Voltage Network: Measurement and Simulation

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This paper deals with reverse effects of AC electric traction operation on 110kV supply system, from the point of view of spreading of harmonics. Investigation results for standard operation conditions are presented. The graphic part of this paper shows measurement results obtained by means of virtual instrumentation, with the use of LabVIEW software. In the next part is presented a model of the system on which the measurements were carried out, i.e. overhead lines, 110/27kV traction transformer substation and part of the power supply system. With the help of this model, an investigation of the spreading of harmonics in the power supply system was carried out. The conclusion of the paper includes a comparison between simulation and measurement results Streszczenie. W artykule zaprezentowano analizę zakłóceń wprowadzanych do sieci zasilającej przez trakcję AC. Przedstawiono wyniki pomiarów wykonanych z układem wykorzystującym oprogramowanie LabView. Przedstawiono także model systemu. (Wpływ trakcji AC na zniekształcenia harmoniczne w sieci 110 kV) Keywords: Electric railways, supply voltage, harmonic distortion. Słowa kluczowe: trakcja, zakłócenia harmoniczne, trakcja AC Introduction When analyzing the influence of electrified railways on power network, special attention must be paid to the system by which these railways are supplied [1]. Traction current systems can be divided into three large groups: - Direct current (DC) traction systems - Alternating current (AC) 50 (60) Hz industrial frequency traction systems - Alternating current 16.7 (25) Hz lower frequency traction systems While traction transformer substations feeding 25 kV AC traction system are supplied by 110 kV power lines, traction rectifier substations feeding CD 3 kV traction system are fed by 22 kV lines, or by 110 kV lines, with a subsequent transformation to 22 kV. In recent years, an ever increasing attention has been paid to harmonic distortion in railway tra[...]

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