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Magnetic properties of Fe60Co5Zr10Mo5B20 bulk amorphous and partially crystallized soft magnetic alloy

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Currently the search for materials with interesting properties is the subject of considerable attention of electro-machine industry. The bulk amorphous and nanocrystalline materials (obtained on their base, across controlled thermal crystallization process) can be rate to such a group of alloys. Production of bulk amorphous alloys is complicated and requires following few principles during alloy composition. Such a principles were posted by Inoue et. al [1, 2]. Inoue showed that alloy composition should consist at least four types of atoms, base atoms radius should to vary by 12% and heat of mixing among basic components should have negative value. Multi-component alloy composition lead to complicated microstructure, where short range exchange interaction are energetically more valuable then long range one. Variation in radius of base atoms leads to large density, which results from higher compaction of atoms in liquid then in crystalline state. Furthermore, transition from liquid into crystalline state is connected with growth of volume of the sample during solidification process. Negative heat of mixing causes growth of energetic barrier between liquid and solid state during solidification process. Increase of smelted material viscosity lead to decrease of atom movement in alloy volume and block crystallization process. Some of the bulk amorphous alloys based on iron or cobalt display good soft magnetic properties [3, 4]. Improvement of these features can be achieved by nanocrystalization [5, 6]. Several methods like classical crystallization based on long-lasting (under crystallization temperature) heat treatment [7÷9] or unconventional based on impulse (over crystallization temperature) heat treatment [10] of a bulk amorphous alloys lead to nanocrystallization. These methods are expensive and time-consuming. Production of as cast bulk nanocrystalline alloy can be viable alternative. In this work the properties of Fe60Co5Zr1[...]

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