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Practical hybrid solutions based on nonlinear controllers applied to PFC boost converter DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.02

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Nomenclature E Input voltage. Ein Input grid voltage. Emax Input grid voltage peak value. Iin Input grid current. μ Duty cycle. x1 Inductor current. x2 Capacitor voltage. x20 Initial capacitor voltage. Vd Desired output voltage. L Inductance. C Capacitance. Lf Line Filter Inductance. Cf Line Filter Capacitance. G Load conductance. R Load resistance. Introduction In recent years, power factor correction remains a crucial issue, since the structure of residential and industrial network are becoming more and more electronic. Until such problematic is well-known by the academic community [1]-[3], nonlinear loads are one source of distortion in current and voltage waveforms of the electrical grid. Therefore, it is necessary that the local energy company focus on solutions for power quality problems, such as power factor correction (PFC) and reduction of harmonic content. Another and more direct way to achieve this goal is by upgrading the power supplies for electronic devices in means of control techniques applied to switched converters [4]. Among the different topologies available, the boost converter is the most suitable for this application. It’s structural advantages, such as reduction in the number of components, simple actuation and the input inductor, which can reduce the grid current’s THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) fits the application [5]. Disadvantages include the mode of operation, that only allows to raise an input voltage, the switch position, that doesn’t offer a protection against short circuit or over-current, and the inexistance of a galvanic isolation between the input and output [6]. The central idea of this work is to verify and combine different nonlinear controllers designed to PFC systems. Firstly, two nonlinear control techniques are applied to the PFC boost converter: State Feedback Linearization (SFL) and Passivity Based Control (PBC). The validation of the PBC contro[...]

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