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FPGA Based Implementation of Amplitude Modulated Triangular Carrier PWM

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The amplitude modulated triangular carrier pulse width modulation method (AMTCPWM) is a natural sampled PWM method which can extend the linearity of the sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) to full range of the pulse dropping region and increase the dynamic range of the SPWM control. Any submission in the PWM theory with a specific performance target is mandatorily requires either a reference or a carrier modification. This paper presents a reprogrammable architecture to implement the AMTCPWM with perfect reproduction capability. The architecture is implemented using Spartan 6 family device LX45 using Modelsim 6.3 and Xilinx 13.2i. Streszczenie. Metoda modulacji amplitudowej fali nośnej trójkątnej AMTCPWM umożliwia rozszerzenie możliwości klasycznej metody sinusoidalnej PWM SPWM. W pracy zaprezentowano wykorzystanie układów FPGA. (System PWM z modulacja fali trójkątnej wykorzystujący układy FPGA) Keywords: Voltage source inverter, voltage gain linearization, amplitude modulated triangular carrier PWM, FPGA Słowa kluczowe: przekształtnik napięciowy, układ PWM, układy FPGA Introduction Switching power converters are designed to convert electrical power from one form to another with high efficiency [1]. The function of a voltage source inverter (VSI) is to convert a fixed dc voltage into a variable voltage and variable frequency ac voltage [2]. An interesting feature of power electronic circuits is that, depending on the application, the basic circuit topology can be modified with additional elements or used with different control methods that provide additional functionality or work better with the same functionality [3]-[7]. PWM techniques change the frequency spectrum of the VSI’s output voltage such that major non-fundamental components are at relatively high frequency. Traditional natural sampling techniques rely on analog circuits, where a fixed triangular carrier waveform is compared to a variable magnitude and frequency sinusoidal ref[...]

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