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ViMeLa Project: An innovative concept for teaching mechatronics using virtual reality DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.05

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Nowadays, traditional education and teaching methods, although with significantly improved teaching techniques, can not keep enough interest of the students that grew up with Internet, mobiles and tablets. Especially sensitive to these issues are students in engineering, in particular, in mechatronics. Modern information technology is rapidly being adopted in Mechatronics Engineering education as a tool for enriching the practical experience of the students. The practical training is a vital part of Mechatronics Engineering education [1]. However, the high cost needed to implement laboratory experiments (for educational purposes) led to development of virtual facilities where physical systems can be virtually controlled via the Virtual Reality (VR) simulations. Multimedia and VR technologies offer great potential for presenting theory and laboratory experiments in an enhancing and interesting, but in an economical, way. Teaching and learning Mechatronics Mechatronics is synergy and interaction of mechanical, electrical and computer systems as seen in Fig. 1. Hence, it is an interactive combination of mechanical engineering, electronic control and computer technology, with the aim of achieving an ideal balance between mechanical structure and its overall control and performance. Fig.1. Structure and key elements of mechatronics Currently, mechatronics classes are divided into two parts: the theoretical lectures and laboratory courses with experiments following the "learning by doing" model. Expensive equipment and limited time for training do not provide sufficient educational platforms [2,3]. In some cases the students conduct based simulations and learn how mechatronic systems and devices operate in reality, despite it may seem abstract and unclear for students, and does not fully reflect the physical phenomena of particular processes. The described drawbacks of mechatronics study are greatly improved when classroom teac[...]

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