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Simulation of Eddy Current and Repulsive Force of Non-Ferrous Particles in Eddy Current Separator DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.09

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The waste quantities increase, according to time and especially with the technological development. The importance environmental pollution has been generated by electronics scrap refrigerator, television, end-of-life vehicles,… A waste contains different materials, for example: the plastic, aluminum, copper, steel, lead, permanent magnet, and residual toxic materials. Eddycurrent separation is a user-friendly and effective technique for the separation of nonferrous metals from wastes. Recovering of non ferrous particles from waste by the eddy current separation will bring renewable resources; this technique has been developed with time in many works [1, 2, 3]. The Lorentz force generated between nonferrous particles and the eddy current separator sort nonferrous from non-metals. The researchers develop several experimental works of separation by eddy-current technique for improving the performance of eddy-current separators and separation as: P. Rem, P. Z. Schlettt and M. lungu. For optimization of separation, for example, many factors are introduced: increasing the magnetic field intensity of permanent magnet, drum speed, size, shape, nature, the conductivity of the particle, the motion of particle and the trajectory [4, 5, 6]. There are several experimental works and analytical computations on permanent magnet eddy current separation but not much work on numerical simulation because there are two problems of particle translation and drum rotation and others problems. Our aim is to simulate rotational eddy current separator of alternating permanent magnets with the presence of non-ferrous particles of different size and nature (conductivities) in two dimensions with constant angular velocity. The aim of the present work is to compute the magnetic parameters of separator, the variation of repulsive force and eddy current density upon a mixture of conductive particles by the finite element method was presented in th[...]

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