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  In this paper the idea and description of demo realization of smart energy meter connected with home area network (HAN) are presented. Authors explain what Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system and smart energy meters are and how they work. On the other hand HAN network concept is shortly presented to lastly focus on the idea of connection of these two networks. Finally authors discuss a few use cases for such combonetworks and describe laboratory demonstration for HAN and AMI networks connection. 1. INTRODUCTION Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine2Machine (M2M) communication seem to be the most developing telecommunication area over the past few years. According to various estimates and forecasts the IoT market would grow rapidly in the near future. For example ABI Research Company reported last year that the installed base of active wireless connected devices would exceed 16 billion in 2014, about 20% more than in 2013. It was also said that the number of devices would more than double from the current level, with 40.9 billion forecasted for 2020 [1]. Influences on these numbers have different industry sectors, especially utilities ones: energy, water, waste management. All these areas want to be smart - for example it means that waste management company will monitor if someone else does not use your garbage can and energy network operator will inform customer online about his account balance. However to make utilities networks smart, there is a need for connectivity. What is more it is not caused by human, but full M2M communication for such elements as meters, trash cans, concentrators etc. Only in connected environment networks can be smart, work efficiently and automatically. Nowadays the most smart or at least fastest going to be smart are the electricity networks. On the one side it is because of technology readiness level, but on the other side it is as well forced by European Union law. Briefly saying[...]

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