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Tropical climate effects on corona power losses on 275 kV transmission lines in the South Sulawesi system DOI:10.15199/48.2019.01.48

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The power system consists of generating units, transmission lines and distribution networks. The transmission network is considered as the backbone of the electric power system that connecting the power plant center with the load center. In general, the transmission line carries an electric current that reach hundreds of kilometers. The entire transmission system is interrelated due to economic reasons, security and reliability which is a transmission line requirement based on system planning [1]. Every time the generating unit is added to the system, there is a need for a transmission line to transfer power from the generating station to the load center. But the longer the transmission line is used, the greater the electrical power losses in the transmission line so that the electrical power that reaches the destination has been reduced which causes the transmission line efficiency to be low and the transmission line voltage regulation becomes high. To avoid this, the option is to increase the voltage on the transmission line from high voltage level to extra high voltage. Therefore, one of the efforts to reduce electric power losses and improve the quality of stress in the province of South Sulawesi, one of the provinces in the country of Indonesia, or often called the South Sulawesi system, is insertion of 275 kV transmission network. In addition to these reasons, the application of the 275 kV transmission line is to connect power plants in the area of renewable electricity to the load center in South Sulawesi, namely the City of Makassar (the capital of South Sulawesi province). South Sulawesi has many primary energy sources, especially in the form of hydropower which can be developed into hydroelectric power plant. Hydropower potential that can be developed into around 1996 MW [2]. Indonesian, especially South Sulawesi, is on the equator line having a tropical climate, precisely the wet tropical climate. This is also [...]

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