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A Low-Loss Ka-Band Distributed Metal-Air-Metal MEMS Phase Shifter

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A 4-bit wideband distributed phase shifter has been developed for Ka-band operation. The design results show that the digital shifter has four basic phases of 11.25o, 22.5o, 45o, 90o and thus 16 kinds of phase states can be constructed from the combination of them. The simulation results also demonstrates that the insertion coefficient is better than -1.37 dB, the phase error is less than 3.983o at 30GHz, and the reflection coefficient is lower than -10dB from 25GHz to 35GHz for each state. This low-loss distributed metal-air-metal MEMS phase shifter can be well applied to phased arrays. Streszczenie. W artykule opisano 4-bitowy szerokopasmowy przesuwnik fazy zaprojektowany do pasma Ka. Przesuwnik ma cztery ]g.owne fazy: 11.25o, 22.5o, 45o, 90o i 16 kombinacji mi.dzy nimi. B..d jest mniejszy ni. 3.983o przy 30GHz. (Szerokopasmowy przesuwnik fazy na pasmo Ka bazuj.cy na uk.adzie MEMS typu metal-powietrze .metal ) Keywords: MEMS; Phase Shifter; Low-loss. S.owa kluczowe: MEMS, szerokopasmowy przesuwnik fazy. Introduction Over the past decades, RF micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology has offered solutions for the implementation of novel components and systems. Concepts of Radio Frequency (RF) MEMS have been successfully applied to the development of low-loss RF switching devices and variable capacitors [1-2]. Compared with conventional switches, RF MEMS capacitive switches have demonstrated many merits, such as lower loss, lower power consumption and higher linearity [3-5]. Utilizing these switches in multi-bit phase shifters can drastically reduce loss and significantly reduce cost and weight for phased array antennas where thousands of phase shifters are mounted. Recently, researchers have reported several ways to implement multi-bit phase shifters [6-8]. A 4.5-bit distributed phase shifter based on MEMS switching devices was implemented with low insertion loss [8]. With the development of phased array antennas, higher[...]

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