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AP-MOVPE technology of AIIIBV-N heterostructures for photovoltaic applications

  Properties of dilute nitrides material system like large discontinuity of a conduction band (due to high electronegativity of nitrogen) [1], large band gap bowing coefficient [2], increased electron effective mass [3], large scattering rate (connected with a small radius of nitrogen atom in comparison with the others V group atoms) [4] provide a way to novel applications: telecommunications lasers [1], heterojunction bipolar transistors [5] and very efficient solar cells [6]. InGaAsN is a very promising, lattice matched to GaAs and In0.5Ga0.5P material with band gap about 1 eV. The control of indium and nitrogen amounts in the InGaAsN quaternary alloy offers the ability to tailor the value of band gap and positions of valence and conduction band edges. Main advantage of dilute nitrides is a large reduction of band gap caused by nitrogen introduction (about ~150 meV/% of N). The technology of GaAs is better developed and still much cheaper than indium phosphide and allow to fabricate much better Bragg reflectors (based on the high refractive index contrast GaAs/AlAs heterostructure) for laser applications. Moreover, this material system guarantees a good temperature performance of light emitters and a high internal quantum efficiency of solar cells. On the other hand, growth of InGaAsN quaternary alloy causes some technological problems. The [...]

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