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Active Compensation for a Driving System with Chopper and DC Motor DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.11.01

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The paper deals with the behaviour of a load consisting of an uncontrolled rectifier + chopper + DC motor at the supplying from the AC line. The effect of a power active filter over the current absorbed by motor from the AC line (of approximately 100 A rms) is revealed by experimental data. The necessity to protect the DC motor is underlined. A stand with a schema for energy recovering identical to that used for a real driving system from a tram was used. The difference between the active compensation from a tram and its counterpart from the transforming substation AC/AC 20kV/0.4 kV is presented. Streszczenie. W artykule analizowany jest wpływ obciążenia w systemie z prostownikiem, chopperem i silnikiem DC. Zbadano eksperymentalnie wpływ aktywnego filtru. Rozważano przypadek zbliżony do zasilania sieci tramwajowej. Aktywna kompensacja mocy w systemie napędowym z silnikiem DC. Keywords: Driving system with chopper and DC motor; harmonics active compensation; schema with regenerative braking. Słowa kluczowe: in the case of foreign Authors in this line the Editor inserts Polish translation of keywords. doi:10.12915/pe.2014.11.01 Introduction Generally the load compensation represents a complicated problem, especially in the presence of frequent load changes resulting into non-sinusoidal regimes within the network [1]-[5]. The full load compensation assumes 3 processes with different theoretical fundamentals but practically interdependent to each other. At theoretical level the compensation problem is concerned with: a) The elimination of non-symmetries that occur at load currents when supplying with symmetrical voltages. b) The elimination (diminishing up to values accepted by quality standards) of the currents’ superior harmonics (we will address them as SH), theoretically absorbed by the load. But the active power flows along certain SH might have senses opposite to the sense of the active power along the fundamental harmonic [...]

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