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Relationship between mould's technology and structure of investment cast nickel based superalloys

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In the article relationship between mould's technology, composition of close-to-model layer and structure of investment cast aircraft engines' turbine blades made from Ni based IN-100, IN-713C, MAR M-247 superalloys has been presented. Evaluation of the elements' surface macrostructure has been performed regarding equiaxial, columnar and chilled grains zones. Porosity (inclu[...]

Quantitative evaluation of porosity and primary structure in directionally solidified blades made of CMSX-6 nickel alloy

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Modern nickel-based alloys are a constructional material used in the production of parts of aircraft engines. The paper presents the results of studies of nickel superalloy CMSX-6 used for the manufacture of blades for turbojet engines. The scope of the study encompasses a development of a quantitative evaluation methodology regarding the blade's porosity and primary structure, as well[...]

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