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Copper/nanodiamond composite coatings obtained by electrochemical deposition DOI:10.15199/28.2016.6.5

  Copper composite coatings with nanodiamond particles were electrochemically deposited. Depositions were made on copper sheet basis in acid sulphate solutions with and without organic additives. The studies indicate the possibility of electrochemical deposition of composite Cu/diamond coatings and the coating properties depend on solutions composition. The concentration of the diamond preparation in process electrolyte solutions was about 0.5 g/dm3. The composites surface morphology was investigated by SEM microscopy and chemical composition with EDS microanalysis. Concentrations of diamond particles in samples surfaces were evaluated by ImageJ computer analysis. Hardness of coatings were measured by Vicker’s method. Key words: composite coatings, copper/nanodiamond composites, electron microscopy, EDS analysis, hardness measurements.1. INTRODUCTION Metal matrix composites with incorporated disperse phases are intensively investigated. The research is aimed at the production of materials having improved mechanical, tribological, electrical, thermal, and other properties. An important area of application are power electronics devices. The evolution of devices in a miniaturization direction causes problem of heat dissipation of integrated circuits based on semiconductors commonly used, such as Si, SiC and GaAs, and new one like GaN [1]. New electronic devices would be implemented in telecommunications, aerospace, military equipment and other industries [2÷7]. Copper is attractive as a matrix material because of good electrical conductivity, but also very good mechanical properties, like plasticity. There are attempts to incorporate into Cu matrix additional phase of carbon particles, also like micro- and nanodimensional diamonds [8]. Advantageous properties for this kind of material is its large thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient. Diamond is also hardest known material. Obtaining a composite material with di[...]

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