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The method comparison of the mass increasing in the electrocrystalisation process

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In the article takes over the analysis of the error in the two methods, which fix increasing of the copper mass during the galwanotechnic process of covering the elements perform stereolitographic technics. The first method (which get the permission to the control of the mass increasing without the interrupting of the galvanic process) use the Faraday’s law. Second method consist in the definition of the mass increasing using the electronic scales. Streszczenie. W artykule przeprowadzono analizę błędu dwóch metod do określania przyrostu masy w procesie galwanotechnicznego pokrywania elementów na potrzeby stereolitografii. Pierwsza metoda pozwala na kontrolę przyrostu masy bez przerywania procesu galwanotechnicznego, wykorzystując prawo Faraday’a. Druga metoda bazuje na pomiarze masy przy pomocy wag elektronicznych.(Porównanie metod wyznaczania przyrostu masy w procesie elektrokrystalizacji) Keywords: electrocrystallization, electrode processes, copper surface layer. Słowa kluczowe: elektrokrystalizacja, procesy elektrodowe, powierzchniowa warstwa miedzi. Introduction By the using the oldest electroanalytical method called electrogravimetry were leading the researches over weight meaning of substance. This substance is giving during electrolysis process off and undergo the reduction reaction with the solid product fabrication on the one of the electrodes (cathode). Knowing of the electrode’s mass before and after electrocrystalisation process gives the possibility of the metal increasing determined and indirectly thickness layer increasing determined. Erroneously mass determined has influence on the quality of the pr[...]

Influence of the model structure on the process of the electrochemical copper setting

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In the article will be presented usefulness of the computer modeling support in the electrochemical technologies. Modeling of the electrolytic covers demand of problems solution connection with current distribution in the electrolyte, electrodes shape and composition of the electrochemical environmental in which the process takes place. Adapted methodology is used to analyze of the covered layer structure and its topology. Classification of methods properties makes possibility of its valuation in the case of elasticity, usefulness in the galvanic process and conforming in practice. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiona zostanie przydatność komputerowego wspomagania modelowania w technologiach elektrochemicznych. Modelowanie powłok elektrolitycznych wymaga rozwiązania problemów związ[...]

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