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A prototype transformer for inductive contactless energy transfer system: numerical models verified by measurement DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.05.011

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This paper describes results of simulation of a transformer used in a prototype of energy supply system. The finite element models with use of Argos2D and COMSOL Multiphysics software were constructed to predict lumped parameter model of the power supply system. Computer simulation provides an easy way of estimation of the basic transformer parameters, some of which can be hard to measure in reality, but obtained values should be verified by measurements. The authors compare different methods and models used for lumped parameters calculation and discuss their accuracy. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono wyniki symulacji prototypowego transformatora do bezkontaktowego transferu energii. Celem było wyznaczenie parametrów zast˛epczego modelu obwodowego. Porównano wyniki otrzymane przy wykorzystaniu 2- i 3-wymiarowych modeli transformatora zestawione z wynikami pomiarów. Oszacowano te˙z dokładnosc otrzymanych wartosci. Porównanie wyników symulacji komputerowych i pomiarów parametrów obwodowych transformatora do bezkontaktowego przekazywania energii Keywords: transformer, numerical field simulation, lumped parameters Słowa kluczowe: transformator, komputerowa symulacja rozkładu pola, zast˛epcze parametry obwodowe doi:10.12915/pe.2014.05.11 Introduction Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)[1, 2] is an interesting, yet not widely used type of automated guided transit system. Some of its features, like point-to-point travel ability or separate railways, are believed to be effective in solving traffic problems of emerging large metropolises. Different types of power supply are considered for use in PRT systems. The one relevant for this study is based on the contactless energy transfer (CET) by means of electromagnetic induction. The CET transformer is an integral part of the contactless energy supply system constructed by a group from the Electrical Drive Division of the Electrical Engineering Department, Warsaw University of Technology in coop[...]

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