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  Ti-B/Ti-Si-C bilayer coatings were deposited by pulsed laser deposition method on AISI 316L steel substrates, in vacuum at room temperature. Nanoindentation tests were performed to examine mechanical properties of coated and uncoated samples using diamond indenter of Berkovich-type geometry under load of 5 mN. The friction-wear performance of coated substrates was examined in scratch — test and pin-on-disk configuration under non-lubricated sliding conditions using a diamond Rockwell C-type pin as a counterpart. Chemical bonds in coatings were studied by Raman micro-spectroscopy, while coatings microstructure was examined by atomic force microscopy AFM, scanning electron microscopy SEM and transmission electron microscopy TEM methods. For TEM and high resolution TEM (HRTEM) examinations, thin foils were cut perpendicularly to the substrate surface by focused ion beam FIB method using Ga+ ions. The laser wavelength and energy density of laser beam were the most important parameters of PLD process and proved to be essential for the microstructure and properties of the coatings. The Ti-Si-C layers deposited by PLD method were amorphous or almost amorphous with rarely distributed nanoparticles of TiSi2. Ti-B layers were amorphous or composed by TiB2 nanoparticles (nc-TiB2), embedded in amorphous Ti-B matrix (a-TiB). The friction coefficient of AISI steel substrates coated by Ti-B/Ti-Si-C was 0.22, i.e. one fourth of that for uncoated steel substrate (0.8). The wear mechanism of produced coatings was of abrasive type. Keywords: PVD, coating, pulsed laser deposition, microstructure, mechanical properties, Raman spectroscopy POWŁOKI FUNKCJONALNE OTRZYMYWANE METODĄ ABLACJI LASEROWEJ W UKŁADACH Ti-Si-C I Ti-B Powłoki dwuwarstwowe Ti-B/Ti-Si-C zostały nałożone metodą ablacji laserowej PLD na p odłoża ze stali A ISI 3 16. P roces prowadzono w próżni 10-2 Pa, w temperaturze pokojowej. Testy nakłucia wykonywano w celu zbadania właściwości mechan[...]

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