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Computer banks of product data as a factor to improve the efficiency of their study DOI:10.15199/60.2019.07-08.1

  Problem formulation Even in the world’s first "Encyclopedia of Cybernetics" [1], which was published in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1973, Ukrainian scientists not only scientific substantiated and introduced the concept of "computer database", but also genially predicted its constant relevance for a wide range spheres of human activity in the future. For quite a long time formation of Computer Banks for Product Data (CBPDT) for market analysis needs for relevant goods is a widespread form of activity in countries with a developed system market relations and civilized commodity markets. For example, on the goods market of France is actively functioning several dozen specialized firms engaged in the formation and the use of such databases only in the field of one commodity group - goods for construction; the number of similar organizations in the USA is more than two hundred units [2]. For a long time the creation of CBPDT as an information base and a specific product research tool did not find support and/or development. Only in recent years, scientists in the field of commodity research and trade have increasingly and more convincingly emphasized on objective need, relevance, prospect of creation and apparent efficiency of practical use of computer data banks (CBPDT) in product research. In particular, for several years, the problem of creation of CBPDTs is discussed at the Round Table held by the Economic University of Varna (Bulgaria), which is traditionally devoted to the modern problems of EU countries in the field of commodity research and consumer rights protection [3-4]. At the scient[...]

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