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Features of subcircuits matching with components described by discrete parameters during analysis of electric circuits transient processes

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In the paper features of solutions matching of subcircuits with distributed and lumped parameters which should be integrated explicit and implicit numerical schemes. Usage of multirate method using test example of long line in no-load condition with respective limitations of integration step. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono właściwości dopasowywania rozwiązań podukładów z rozproszonymi o[...]

Simplification of Optimization Process during Mathematical Models Creation

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The paper is devoted to the problem of development of mathematical macromodels creation using optimization approach. The methods of acceleration of dynamic systems macromodels creation due to separation of linear submodel and step-by-step optimization on groups of variables are considered. Streszczenie. Artykuł poświęcono problemom rozwoju matematycznych makromodeli wykorzystywanych do optymali[...]

Macromodelling of Electromechanical Systems Components

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Methods of macromodelling, which are known as methods of mathematical delineation of dynamic objects, based on information about internal dependencies between their external variables, can be defined as long-range method of scientific researches. These methods are universal and allow automation of corresponding identification procedures. Electromechanical components have their own special features connected with mechanical and electromagnetic processes combined within them, with determined types of nonlinear interdependences between variables, and with marked dispersion of time constants. In the paper a mathematical macromodel in the form of “black box" of asynchronous motor using state variables is proposed. Result of building a macromodel for AC motor of A051А4 type is q[...]

Development of Macromodels using the Evolutionary Algorithms of Optimization

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A new technique for mathematical model development based on evolutionary algorithms and optimization approach to macromodels construction has been proposed in this paper. Examples of models constructed with the use of the proposed algorithm have been presented. A comparison of new models and models created using sole optimization approach has been done. Streszczenie. Praca przedstawia nową metodę budowania makromodeli przy użyciu algorytmów ewolucyjnych optymalizacji. Proponowane podejście zostało zilustrowane przykładami konkretnych modeli, a wyniki porównane z tymi uzyskanymi przy zastosowaniu tradycyjnych deterministycznych metod optymalizacji (Budowa makromodeli z użyciem algorytmów ewolucyjnych). Keywords - mathematical model, macromodel, optimization, evolutionary algorithms Słowa kluczowe: modelowanie matematyczne, optymalizacja, algorytmy ewolucyjne Introduction At present time there is a considerable progress in construction of macromodels of electrotechnical components designed for the transients’ analysis. The permanent growth of macromodel complexity leads to the necessity of the macromodel construction process automation in case it is possible. A promising approach in this direction is the usage of optimization. According to this technique the values of macromodel coefficients are found by the minimization of some goal function Q(λ). This function represents the deviation of the object behavior calculated using the model being constructed and experimental data as a function of model coefficients. By finding the point where the mentioned function reaches its minimum we will find an optimal set of the model coefficients within a selected mathematical form of the model representation. Described approach can be used for the construction of macromodels in any mathematical form, which is represented by a limited set of coefficients. Also it does not impose any restrictions on required input information except [...]

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