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Simulation of neutron irradiation influence on p-n-p bipolar transistor characteristics DOI:10.15199/48.2016.11.57

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We have developed numerical model and software to simulate the ionizing radiation influence on the bipolar transistor parameters. The software allows to calculate the input and output characteristics, the current transmission coefficient and other parameters under the irradiation for various temperatures, base and collector voltages. Streszczenie. Opracowaliśmy model numeryczny i oprogramowanie do symulacji wpływu promieniowania jonizującego na parametry tranzystorów bipolarnych. Oprogramowanie pozwala obliczyć parametry wejściowe i wyjściowe, aktualny współczynnik transmisji i inne parametry na podstawie napromieniowania dla różnych temperatur, napięć bazy i kolektora. (Symulacja wpływu promieniowania neutronowego na charakterystyki p-n-p tranzystorów bipolarnych). Keywords: bipolar transistors, neutron flow, transmission coefficient, output characteristics. Słowa kluczowe: tranzystor bipolarny, przepływ neutronów, współczynnik transmisji, charakterystyki wyjściowe. Introduction Nowadays, the bipolar transistors are extensively used in many sectors of micro- and nanoelectronics as the amplifiers, generators, keys, regulators etc. Their operation in the radiation environment, e.g. in the open space, on the nuclear power plants, during the nuclear blast etc. can be difficult through the radiation-induced changes in operating parameters. The forecasting of these changes is a one of the main problems of development and production of the radiadiation-resistant hardware. The computer simulation is the most optimal method to resolve this problem. The subject We consider the p-n-p bipolar transistor that is the part of integral structure shown in figure 1. Fig.1.[...]

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