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Optical emission spectra of Zn and Bi in pulsed magnetron plasma

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This study aimed at determining the relations between technological parameters of sputtering process - power discharge, the targetsubstrate distance, working gas pressure and the chemical composition of pulsed magnetron plasma by means of optical spectrophotometry. Planar 0.90Zn-0.10Bi target was sputtered in Ar, O2 and in the atmosphere of the both gases mixture. Optical emission spectra were measured in 200- 800 nm wavelength range. Streszczenie. Za pomocą spektroskopii optycznej określono korelacje pomiędzy parametrami procesu rozpylania - moc wyładowania, odległość target-podłoże, ciśnienie gazu, a składem chemicznym plazmy magnetronowego wyładowania jarzeniowego. W badaniach zastosowano stop 0,90Zn-0,10Bi. Target rozpylano w atmosferze argonu (Ar), tlenu (O2) oraz mieszaninie obu tych gazów. Widma emisyjne rejestrowano w zakresie długości fal od 200-800 nm. (Spektroskopia emisyjna plazmy zasilanej impulsowo w trakcie magnetronowego rozpylania stopu Zn-Bi). Keywords: magnetron sputtering, optical spectroscopy, emission lines, pulsed plasma. Słowa kluczowe: rozpylanie magnetronowe, spektroskopia optyczna, linie emisyjne, plazma zasilana impulsowo. Introduction A current development of microelectronics and optoelectronics forced the search for new materials with strictly defined electrical and optical properties. Recently, one of the most explored materials has been thin film of zinc oxide (ZnO). It has been extensively studied because of its present and potential application in various areas [1- 8]. Other works also show structural and optoelectrical characteristic of ZnO that can be modified by doping with other elements [9-12]. In the last year investigations on doping with Bi started [13]. There are varieties of methods in preparing thin films as zinc oxide [14-19]. One of the most commonly applied methods is magnetron sputtering [20, 21]. ZnO thin layer can be obtained by sputtering a metallic target in the reactive (O2) atm[...]

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