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Dobór materiału na fundamentowe podkładki maszyn DOI:10.15199/28.2015.6.37

  Material selection for foundation chocks of machines Large-scale machines and appliances are not placed directly on a foundation plate, but on foundation chocks. The chocks fulfil the role of compensation links that enable to place the founded object in a required position. For decades, foundation chocks have been made of steel and they never met with any substantial objections in terms of their function. With the passage of time, however, economic criteria has shown that foundation screw connections with metal compensation chocks were no longer the optimum solution. The question was whether it would be possible to improve the foregoing solution for foundation screw connection. Due to material engineering, a new innovative method was introduced, in which metal chocks machined outside of assembly place were replaced with chocks of polymer composite, cast directly between the foundation plate and machine base. In this case — as it is shown in the article — steel chocks were replaced with polymer ones that had worse mechanical properties. As a result of such an exchange, only seemingly did the construction deteriorate. The new construction form of foundation screw connections with cast chocks proved more advantageous than the foregoing solution in other important aspects and it is standard nowadays. Above all, the time of object foundation become ten times shorter. The presented issue of material selection for foundation compensation chocks shows that the best solutions are obtained when both mechanical and technological properties of material are taken into consideration in the course of its selection. Key words: machine, marine engine, foundation chock, polymer composite, mechanical properties, technological properties. Wielkogabarytowe maszyny i urządzenia nie są ustawiane bezpośrednio na płycie fundamentu, lecz na podkładkach fundamentowych. Podkładki te spełniają rolę ogniw kompensacyjnych umożliwiających nadanie posadowianemu o[...]

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