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Electromagnetic susceptibility of wireless relay against surge DOI:10.15199/48.2016.05.41

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The examination of electromagnetic susceptibility of electronic devices is an important part of the process of design, development and construction of the electronic device. Surge is one of the types of electromagnetic interference and all the electronic devices must be tested on this type of interference according to international standards. Surge often occurs at the atmospheric disturbances such as lightning or at disorders in the energy of the high voltage network. The surge can cause failure of devices or even its permanent damage or destruction, in case the electronic device has insufficient electromagnetic immunity. Streszczenie. Udary często powodowane są prze wyładowania elektryczne i zakłócenia w sieci elektrycznej. Mogą one powodować zakłócenia pracy przekaźników a nawet ich uszkodzenie. W pracy przedstawiono badania wpływu udarów na pracę bezprzewodowych przekaźników. Kompatybilność elektromagnetyczna przekaźników bezprzewodowych Keywords: Electronic systems, Electromagnetic susceptibility, Immunity, Surge. Słowa kluczowe: kompatybilność elektromagnetyczna, udary, przekażniki bezprzewodowe Introduction Electromagnetic compatibility is a multidisciplinary department, which includes in its theoretical foundations of whole electrical engineering. Development of the electronics, especially a microprocessor technology, radically changed not only the concept and methods of use of electronic devices, but also demands for their installation and location. The processes of electronic devices such as the transmission of information, automatic processing of information and data recording are exposed to disturbing influences originating from multiple sources of interference. The disturbing influence of environment is manifest by undesirable bonds, interfering background noise, the resonance and transient phenomena. This can induce not only malfunction of electronic devices, but also a distortion or depreciation the transmission of in[...]

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