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Comparative study of conventional and matrix converter fed brushless dc motor drive

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The conventional DC link converters and matrix converters are used for driving a Brushless DC motor with trapezoidal back electromotive force. This paper deals with design of matrix converter for BLDC motor with the objective of lowering supply current harmonics. A comparative study of conventional DC link converter and three phase matrix converter are presented. It is to be noted that the conventional converters with DC-link requires two stages of conversion, whereas a matrix converter, in a single stage drives a BLDC motor. The proper switching of the matrix converter is designed and presented in this paper. By employing matrix converter, the ac source current becomes nearly sinusoidal and total harmonic distortion gets very much reduced. A matrix converter fed BLDC motor is simulated in MATLAB Simulink and results are shown to validate the harmonic reduction. The hardware implementation of the matrix converter is also discussed in this paper. Streszczenie. W artykule zaprezentowano project przekształtnika macierzowego zastosowanego do zasilania silnika bezszczotkowego BLDC. Porównanokonwencjonalny przekształtnik DC z przekształtnikiem macierzowym trójfazowym. Przedstawiono wyniki symulacji. (Analiza porównawcza konwencjonalnego i macierzowego przekształtnika w zastosowaniu do zasilania silnika BLDC) Keywords: Matrix converter, Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor, DC link converter, Total Harmonic distortion. Słowa kluczowe: przekształtnik macierzowy, silnik bezszczotkowy BLDC Introduction Permanent Magnet Brushless DC motors can be considered as a kind of three phase synchronous motors, having permanent magnets on the rotor, replacing mechanical commutator and brush gear. Permanent Magnet Brushless DC (PMBLDC) Motors are the latest choice of researchers due to their high efficiency, silent operation, compact size, high reliability and low maintenance requirements [1]. The brushless DC motor has a permanent magnet rotor, and stator w[...]

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