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Analysis of Regenerative Braking Strategies DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.21

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One of the advantages of the use of electric drive systems for the propulsion of motor vehicles is the possibility of accumulation of electrical energy. The beneficial effects of such a solution stem from the possibility of recuperating a part of the kinetic energy of the vehicle when the vehicle is braked. First, this makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption, which corresponds to the fuel consumption of internal combustion (IC) engines [1]. The reduction of the energy consumption, resulting from the use of electric vehicles for the transportation of passengers and goods, is an advantage from the economy and ecology point of view. The energy recuperation makes it possible to extend the distance that can be travelled by a vehicle with using the energy stored in a traction battery or to reduce the energy capacity of the energy storage system without reducing the vehicle range [1] [2] [3]. Good cooperation between the friction brakes and the propulsion system of a vehicle may have a significant impact on the efficiency of energy recuperation [4] [5], while this is often treated as an issue of secondary importance in the present-day designs of electric drive systems. The efficiency of energy recuperation may have a considerable influence on the range of an electric vehicle, especially in such a vehicle-driving test cycle that is abundant in accelerating and braking (as it is e.g. in the urban driving cycle). At present, two types of the regenerative braking are chiefly in use. The first and simplest one is a system that makes it possible to use energy recuperation during vehicle coast-down. Another and frequently used option is braking with simultaneously using the friction brakes and the electric machine. Literature studies, simulation tests, and authors’ experience show that the introduction of algorithms where the power of braking a vehicle by means of its electric machine is raised to reduce the power of fri[...]

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