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Galvanic coupling intra-body communication channel model based on anisotropic muscular tissue

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Background: Characteristics of human tissues have direct effects on transmission property of the current signal in human tissues. It is learned from anatomy that, characteristics of all human tissues are not identical, and some like skin and fat are isotropic, while others like muscle are anisotropic. Muscular tissue has a great effect on transmission and distribution of the current signal in human body. Method: based on human tissue’s characteristics and boundary conditions under the quasi-static condition, the channel model based on human tissue's characteristics is built in the cylindrical coordinate system by means of Maxwell equation. Furthermore, the model is verified through model calculation and experiments on human body. Results: in combination with electric parameters of human anisotropic tissue (muscle), the derived channel model is used to obtain computed results of the channel model with human tissue’s characteristics and the one without human tissue's characteristics in MATLAB2010a. Next, these results are compared with the data obtained from measurement on human right forearm. It can be found from comparison that the gain curve of the channel model with human tissue's characteristics is highly consistent with experimental data. Conclusion: The model with human tissue's characteristics can show characteristics of the intra-body communication channel more accurately. On one hand, the channel precision is improved; on the other hand, it provides reference for building the implantable intra-body communication channel model with the transmission signal from inside to outside. Streszczenie. Bazując na charakterystyce ludzkiego ciała i warunkach zewnętrznych określono model kanałowy wykorzystujący równani a Maxwella. Model weryfikowano eksperymentalnie. (Sprzężenie galwaniczne w modelu kanałowym mięśni człowieka) Keywords: Tissue's Characteristics; Galvanic Coupling Type; Intra-Body Communicat[...]

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