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Investigation for Ti/TiO2 electrode used as a platform for H2O2 biosensing

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Achievements of nanotechnology based on applying of inexpensive materials of the unique properties play an important role in development of biosensors. Such materials and the catalytic activity of biomolecules on their surface, i.e. the modified electrodes such as TiO2, ZrO2, SiO2 coated metals were observed [1]. On the basis of those observations it was found that sensitivity and efficiency of biosensors could be improved by the application of mentioned as the biosensor platform. According to [2], TiO2 became one of the most widely studied semiconductor materials due to its favorable physical, optical and electrical properties and its various important applications, such as a photocatalyst [3÷7], solar cells [8÷10], gas sensors [11÷13] and biomaterials [14]. Titanium dioxide be[...]

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