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Development of energy-efficient vibration machines for the buiding-and-contruction industry DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.10

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Vibration machines are used in processes for crushing, sorting, mixing, and compaction of construction materials, as well as in other processes that are characteristic for the building-and-construction industry. Vibration machines are designed, for the most part, for operation in the mode of over-resonance vibrations of the vibration machine actuator. In the design of such vibration machines, predominantly inertial forces are considered. Notwithstanding the fact that vibration machines are rated for steady-state operation, that is, for operation in conditions without transient processes, the energy efficiency of such vibration machines is low. Consequently, such vibration machines are characterized by that their reliability is reduced, materials consumption is high, and running time required for sufficient processing of materials is increased. Additionally, to the operation of vibration machines in the mode of normal harmonic vibrations of the vibration machine actuator, it is possible to operate vibration machines in modes of resonance[...]

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