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Statistical analysis of evaluation reproducibility of the area of MC phase's plane section in the MAR M509 cobalt superalloy

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As a part of the research concerning evaluation of reproducibility of the size of selected structure elements of metallic materials (plane section area), a methodology was developed based on an analysis of data obtained through computer simulation with the use of normal, log-normal and uniform distributions. Next, the developed methodology was verified in relation to the measurements of MN ca[...]

Inhomogeneity of reinforcement arrangement in metallic composites

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Reinforcement phase particles were characterized by methods of quantitative metalography. The examined material was AlSi9/SiC composite made by the mechanical mixing method. It has been found that the homogeneity of reinforcement phase arrangement varies in the examined composites depending on the place of sampling. The worst in this respect is the middle part of the cast, while the inhomogen[...]

Application of a quantitative materialography methods for an evaluation of a structure repeatability of turbine blades made of MAR M247 nickel-based superalloy

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The results of studies on inhomogeneity of gas and shrinkage pores volume fraction, size and shape (Tab. 1) as well as size and shape of grains (Tab. 3) revealed during macroscopic analysis of experimental low pressure turbine blades of a jet engine made of MAR M247 nickel-based superalloy were characterized in the present work. The procedures of macro- and microstructure evaluation described[...]

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